Microsoft Word 2013

Custom Microsoft Office template solutions designed to be fit for purpose, simple to use, train, maintain and be flexible enough to accommodate the ever-changing needs of your growing organisation

Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint integration

MacroView is very experienced working with Professional Services firms, Government and organisations of all sizes to scope and develop optimal document generation and automation solutions to:

  • Improve the quality and consistency of documents
  • Streamline document generation and improve user productivity
  • Effectively manage content risk and brand compliance.

When designing our solutions we are driven by the following guiding principles:

  • Provide a simple, intuitive user interface designed to minimise user inputs and the number of clicks.
  • Consolidate all functionality on a single custom ribbon which is instantly recognizable and easy to train.
  • Use native Microsoft Office functionality and leverage existing systems wherever possible.
  • Adopt best practice use of styles and numbering schema leveraging native Word styles so that the user can focus on the content instead of formatting.
  • Enable users to easily reuse existing document content.
  • Seamlessly support multiple languages and document formats for all office locations.
  • Deliver a system that is easy to deploy, train, support and maintain.

“Not only has our global template system saved the firm money, and increase productivity, it has helped us respond agilely to the changing face of our world market”

Stuart Kay, Baker McKenzie

Branding Compliance

The documents that you generate are an important part of your brand positioning – their layout, styling and colors should accurately reflect the standards of your organization.

MacroView has been automating the generation of high-quality documents in Microsoft Office for more than 20 years. We have the skills to implement the most demanding layout and styling specifications in Microsoft Office.

Importantly, we know how to implement sophisticated designs in Microsoft Office that comply with the styling specification from your graphic designer.

Leverage Existing Systems

Reducing the amount of user inputs is a key success factor in terms of user adoption – e.g. retrieve a contact record from an existing data store and have the relevant contact details of the contact (First Name, Surname, Position, Organization, Address, etc.) inserted automatically into the document.

MacroView has proven techniques to retrieving data from:

  • Active Directory
  • Global Address List
  • Outlook Contacts
  • Customer Relationship and Practice Management systems
  • Any data store that supports a web service

Reuse Existing Content

We recognize that the overall productivity of a document system is driven not just by making it easy to generate new documents – it is also critically important that documents can be edited quickly and safely.

“Safely” can mean eliminating the risk of losing correct styling. It can also involve providing the user with the same pick-lists and external system lookups that were available at document creation.

If you are one of the many users who start a new document by taking an existing document and renaming it, MacroView’s Smart Start capability allows you to quickly reuse the existing variable details and content from a previous document to create a new document.

Multi-Location Deployment

A well-known challenge is how to deploy a document solution in multiple locations, where address blocks, phone numbers and names of principal staff are different across each location. The challenge is even greater for multinationals where differences extend to:

  • languages & date formats
  • paper types – A4 and US Letter
  • legal requirements – e.g. disclaimers
  • local conventions
  • entity names and logos
MacroView’s proven approach allows these location differences to be managed separately and automatically integrated with the template system, so that a single set of templates can be deployed across the organization. This reduces the time and cost involved in deploying to a new location and overall template maintenance.

Multi-Language Support

Globalization requires that organizations need to have their document generation solution operate in a variety of languages.  The requirement is not just that the generated document be created in the selected national language; but also that the user interface (buttons, commands, messages, etc.) should also be in the language selected by the user.

MacroView has proven capabilities working with multiple languages, including languages with double-byte characters (e.g. Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Russian, etc.) and right-to-left paragraph formatting (e.g. Arabic).

These solutions do not require multiple sets of templates, which significantly reduces ongoing maintenance costs.

Enhanced Maintainability

MacroView consultants have world-class expertise with Microsoft Office, such that we know what aspects of an automated document solution are best handled using templates and other native Office features and which aspects are best handled by custom development.

The outcome is that MacroView customers can handle a significant proportion if not all of the ongoing maintenance of their document solution in house.

Including MacroView ClauseBank® as a component of a document solution can be important in this regard. Storing standard approved content or variations in a central repository can significantly reduce the number of templates that need to be maintained, while at the same time enabling users to assist in keeping the content current over time.