By enhancing the integration between Microsoft SharePoint and familiar applications such as Microsoft Office®, Adobe Reader® and Microsoft Windows®, MacroView provides the legal document management functionality and user experience that legal users require in order to work efficiently.

The DM features that legal users expect based on their prior experience with a traditional DM system:

Additional features relevant to legal users enabled by SharePoint and MacroView DMF®:

Microsoft Matter Center Support

Microsoft created Matter Center for Office 365 to showcase how Office 365 enables collaboration on legal documents and matters. MacroView DMF® and MacroView Case & Matter both provide good support for Matter Center. The Matter Center displays nicely in the MacroView tree-view of the structure of your SharePoint / Office 365 environment. You can drag and drop to save emails in Matter Center libraries with zero all metadata captured automatically. See more details.

Matter Center

MacroView Case & Matter

MacroView Case & Matter combines MacroView DMF® with a number of optional modules and other extensions that are relevant to legal users. The result is an install-and-ready-to-go DM solution for legal departments and small law firms.  See more details.

MacroView ClauseBank

MacroView ClauseBank® enables faster, safer drafting of documents, emails and presentations by making it easy to find and re-use standard approved text and graphics.  It also makes it easy for end-users to propose new and updated content.  MacroView ClauseBank is an excellent complement to a legal DM solution.  See more details.

MacroView Professional Services

MacroView can provide a range of professional services related to Legal DM solutions based on SharePoint and Office 365: