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MacroView DMF & Message plugins

Increase user productivity and satisfaction with SharePoint, Office and Adobe (PDF) by further extending functionality with MacroView plugins or extensions. These plugins allow you to add functionality to MacroView DMF and MacroView Message in most cases without having to roll out a new version of the client. The installation files are available as an msi (32 or 64 bit) ensuring easy deployment in your environment.

All these plugins have been developed based on years of user feedback and input. A large portion of these can be downloaded now for free while others are reasonably priced. Feel free to contact MacroView and request your own custom plugin or alternately provide details on what you would like to see in a future version so that we can add it to the product road map.




MacroView Migrate v3

MacroView Migrate v3 can replicate files and folders from Windows Explorer or Outlook into SharePoint. It traverses the source folder structure and invokes a workflow against each file and folder that determines the destination. This means a folder structure can be transformed into a SharePoint hierarchy of sites, libraries, folders and document sets. Note: Free evaluation is limited to a 1000 emails at a time.

MacroView Solution Provisioning

Create new site collections, sites and libraries, or update existing sites and libraries, with columns and content types for use with MacroView solutions.

Create Document (Generation)

Create Office documents based on your Office templates and have them saved directly to SharePoint with a simple right click on any library, document set or folder in DMF Explorer and DMF Outlook pane.

Open in File Explorer

Open Windows File Explorer at the selected location in SharePoint via a right click in the DMF Outlook pane or DMF File Explorer for SharePoint.

Send as PDF

Send files in SharePoint as a PDF formatted attachment with a single right click in the MacroView file list. This plugin works with both Outlook and DMF File Explorer (for SharePoint).

Create Site (browser)

Open the Create Site browser page in SharePoint via a right click on any site collection node in DMF File Explorer or DMF Outlook pane.

Matter Center Connector

The MacroView Matter Center connector automatically records email properties as well as other metadata fields such as Matter ID, Matter Name, Client ID, Client Name, Practice Group and Area of Law to provide a zero profiling user experience.

Save Email as PDF

Automatically convert emails saved to SharePoint via DMF Explorer or DMF Outlook pane to PDF format.

Open With …

Open and save files from MacroView DMF / Message using any compatible program installed on your workstation.

In-Place PDF Creator

Make a PDF copy of documents in SharePoint in the same location as the original file via a single right click in DMF Explorer or DMF Outlook pane.

Bulk Property Update

Extended the standard Properties right-click function on the file list in DMF Explorer or Outlook to allow the updating of up to 50 files in a single operation.

Even More Plugins

A list of the latest MacroView plugins can be viewed by selecting this link. Select the follow button to receive bimonthly alerts for plugin updates and new plugins.

SharePoint Outlook Integration

Note: The above SharePoint plugins require MacroView DMF or MacroView Message products to run.  Both client products can be downloaded by selecting the Free Evaluations button below.