Microsoft Teams DocGen

SharePoint Document Generation directly from Word, PowerPoint and Outlook results in faster response times, compliance with branding standards and ease of template management

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Integrates with SharePoint

Connects Word, Outlook & PowerPoint

  • Also integrates with Microsoft Teams – New
  • Appears in Home and Insert ribbon menus for quick access.
  • Draft and generate responses easily from existing familiar applications.
  • Insert first Clause within minutes of uploading content and selecting SharePoint site.
  • Supports multiple languages, including double byte languages such as Chinese.
  • Extend with other MacroView products to create powerful end to end solutions.
Generate Manage Documents Emails Proposals

Search & Discover

Find your text faster with SharePoint

  • Content items arranged by category or in a tree structure that reflects your teams.
  • Utilize SharePoint’s powerful search engine.
  • Descriptions provide guidance as to intended usage of content items including images.
  • Formatted previews of content items.
  • Filter item list by name .
  • Search for items by the text or title.
ClauseBank Search SharePoint

Assemble Your Content

View Draft Structure Come Together

  • Easily drag and drop your text blocks, logo images and slides.
  • Quickly re-position content by using the up and down arrows.
  • Add your content selection by double clicking on the items.
  • Multi-select using keyboard commands.
  • Use arrows to select and deselect items.
Document Assembly SharePoint

Generate the Document

Even Faster with Smart Sync

  • Styles preserved as selected content items are retrieved and inserted into your document, email or presentation.
  • Handles complex multi-level paragraph numbering.
  • Expand ClauseLinks to ensure most up to date information such as fees and pricing.
  • Uses Smart Sync for better performance in remote locations – New
Microsoft Teams DocGen
Outlook SharePoint Integration

Empowers Users & Adoption

Extension of Existing Applications

  • Simply select content in Word document and click New Clause – user is prompted for required details, which can be as little as a name for the proposed new content item.
  • Workflow can be used so that proposed new clauses are not generally available until they are approved by a Content Administrator or Knowledge Manager.
  • Making it easy for end-users to add new content helps ensure that the central content bank stays relevant as needs change.

Response Compliance

Ensures Selected Content is Current

  • Content items can have an Update Frequency and Content Expert specified for them e.g. Annual, Quarterly, etc.
  • Content items will expire if they have not been reviewed during their Update Frequency interval.
  • Users cannot retrieve expired items.
  • Content Experts are automatically notified of their expiring content items.

Simplified Maintenance

Enables Better Template Management

  • Content that is common to multiple templates and precedents can be stored as a content item in ClauseBank, and retrieved as the template or precedent is about to be used.
  • Eliminates the need to locate and maintain multiple instances of the common content across all templates / precedents.
  • ClauseBank sites are automatically displayed
  • Deploy software and configuration settings using Active Directory/Group Policy.
SharePoint Outlook Integration

ClauseBank Enables:

  • Generate proposals, reports and presentations accurately, efficiently and in a timely manner.
  • Respond faster to queries by using pre-approved text, logo images and slide templates.
  • Manage Organizational Template Content securely and intuitively.
  • Link with MacroView DMF or existing document management system.

On Your Platforms:

  • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint & Outlook (365, 2019, 2016 & earlier).
  • Microsoft 365 Online, Microsoft Teams & Government Dedicated 365.
  • SharePoint On-Premises 2019, 2016, 2013  & 2010.
  • SharePoint Hybrid, Microsoft Azure & Private Cloud.
  • Citrix & Remote Desktop (Terminal) Services.

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