The Watson IP Group provides a broad range of legal services in the area of patents, trademarks and copyrights. Their attorneys see intellectual property protection as integral to innovation, success, freedom and inspiration. As founding Partner of The Watson IP Group, Mr Jovan Jovanovic has been helping clients to protect and enforce their intellectual property rights for over fifteen years.

The Watson IP Group’s obstacle was having to drag and drop all their emails to file them. Servicing more than 500 clients, Mr Jovanovic was looking for software that would take the burden of filing and do it automatically. The goal was to abolish the need to drag and drop every email into Dropbox manually.

“10 emails isn’t a problem, but if you have to drag and drop 100 emails spread over 500 different files, that’s out of scope,” says Mr Jovanovic.

Finding the right solution

Reviewing competitors, all other solutions required filing the first email manually for the automation to work. That didn’t solve the law firm’s problem, as according to Mr Jovanovic, it would require hiring a person to complete that task. The main requirement was that the first email needed to be automated, which no other solution could offer apart from MacroView.

After the first call with MacroView’s sales representative, Mr Jovanovic knew it was the right solution for his business. With MacroView’s out-of-the-box solution Case and Matter, all legal emails could be managed easily. Mr Jovanovic marvels how he doesn’t need to do a thing receiving emails from the Trademark Office; they get filed automatically. The system also identifies if a file has been numbered incorrectly, which wouldn’t get noticed otherwise. In addition, having to file documents in retrospect due to a missing file number is easily corrected. It just requires tagging, and the system works from there on.

“I am beyond impressed. The solution works fantastic. Out of 4,500 emails, two odd ones weren’t filed, which could easily be fixed by tweaking the rules,” he states.

The fact that MacroView’s solutions run on Microsoft 365 made The Watson IP Group very comfortable. That’s the environment the firm has been using, which means it can continue to work in the Microsoft cloud. The peace of mind it provides is that even if the company does not renew with MacroView, its data is still in SharePoint. There is no need to get it from a third-party data centre. Another benefit of using Microsoft is that there are many educational videos on YouTube about SharePoint, so if there is anything unclear, it can be looked up.

Continuing business as usual

What made the solution successful is that The Watson IP Group didn’t have to change anything other than switch to SharePoint. SharePoint is now the filing cabinet for all their data. They didn’t have to go back to the Patent and Trademark Office, their foreign associates or their clients nor did they have to change 300 automated emails and rewrite them to work. The system integrated seamlessly so the company could continue business as usual. Ultimately, it was a zero-sum, as they already had SharePoint.

“I didn’t have to contact the Patent and Trademark Office on 1,500 cases to tell them we have a different file number for each one. Nor did I have to contact my associates around the world. I did none of that. It’s seamlessly integrated into our systems, and it is flexible,” says Mr Jovanovic.

“That’s the breakthrough, the one right out-of-the-box. The team doesn’t have to touch anything; the emails are all sitting in the correct folder. That’s the big thing. I couldn’t find anybody else that does that. It is the first email being automated, and by not having to drag and drop thousands of emails, that is the key,” explains Mr Jovanovic.

Reducing daily stress

The benefits of MacroView’s solution are foremost the reduced amount of stress. MacroView’s solution was a complete stress level changer. The team knows exactly what happened to the automated emails without having to touch them. And if required, they are still in Outlook.

“Since midnight, 22 emails in my inbox automatically got filed, and it’s only 2.30 pm here. The amount of stress that this takes off is incredible.”

Mr Jovanovic believes you have to trial the solution to grasp its power. “It’s so simple in an elegant way; it works seamlessly. You don’t have to do anything; it does it for you. It’s spectacular.”