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Initially set up in London over 40 years ago, The MECO Group operates as one global team across three regional hubs in London, Shanghai, and Dubai. The MECO Group’s ethos is that of a professionally run and privately controlled company, whose interests are directly aligned with its clients, staff, and suppliers.

Their clients benefit from innovative insurance with first-rate security, and a highly experienced team’s commitment to helping them identify and manage risk more effectively.

In 2020 Lee Oliver joined the company as Head of Information Technology. Having worked in the IT industry for nearly three decades, Lee aimed to improve the status quo. He knew SharePoint was the way forward but using it only as a document repository was not using it to its fullest extent.

Prior to Lee joining, The MECO Group initiated a project with MacroView, but it hadn’t taken off. As a Microsoft champion, Lee reassessed the MacroView solution and found it could seamlessly integrate into their existing set-up.

Improving the Status Quo

Implementing MacroView Data Management Framework (DMF) and MacroView Corporate Email Filing (CEF) for one area of the business transformed data capture into legacy systems, structuring filing into a hierarchical view as in an Internet and Windows explorer view, a familiar way for end users.

When the project started, files were in many locations, such as SharePoint, Windows Explorer and individual inboxes. The initial requirement was to have a single document repository accessible through Microsoft Outlook rather than Microsoft SharePoint.

The MacroView solution enabled teams to archive emails via Microsoft Outlook into Microsoft SharePoint and share them across teams.

MacroView Data Management Framework was the perfect solution.

The challenge

The MECO Group wished to utilise the software with another department, Claims. The Claims Department used a legacy system for filing correspondence against each relevant claim. Every mail needed to be filed individually, which took time and was resource heavy.

The goal was to do everything out of Microsoft Outlook. MacroView offered a bespoke solution that could provide an indexed, fully searchable solution.

Customisation is key

The MECO Group needed to be agile, as they are heavily regulated and must adapt to change and comply. MacroView was the ideal partner.

“It was 100% key that we weren’t buying a product off the shelf because no one can get that right. It was also key that the relationship we’ve established works. MacroView’s team, the developers, and the support function work seamlessly. No is not an answer with MacroView. It’s ‘Yes, we will look at it.’ We are constantly bouncing ideas off each other.”

“I like working with a provider willing to develop a product together. I don’t want to buy one and find out six months later that it doesn’t perform as expected. If a requirement is unavailable, MacroView will go and develop one to meet our needs.” says Lee.

Together they implemented a solution to extract the case data from one system by creating a SharePoint list and automating the addition and updating of that data within SharePoint. MacroView’s solution accesses SharePoint and records essential metadata on saved documents, emails, and tags, so subsequent emails in the same conversation are automatically saved.

“Without exaggeration, that implementation saves each claims member using the MacroView solution roughly one day per week on average. Filing correspondence, including documents, is done more accurately and efficiently as a result.”

Shifting to automation enables more productivity

While the business’s resource levels haven’t changed, it can handle larger claim correspondence volumes with ease. By implementing these solutions and directly saving time, the MECO Group are more productive and efficient.

As a result, colleagues are not overwhelmed by the end of the week with their administrative duties. Macroview’s solution does this automatically and allows the MECO Group to focus on their core business.

Strategy and vision

The MECO Group’s next step is to review their internal procedures and processes and look to utilise MacroView’s solution to enable more efficiencies.

“There is so much more we can achieve; however, we want to take one step at a time, realising the positive impact that this solution can gain within our company across many departments.”

“The next project will be big, developing an integrated solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365.” announces Lee.