Automating Email Filing

 How an out-of-the-box solution reduces stress at The Watson IP Group.

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Enabling Remote Working

Fulton, Devlin & Powers, LLC switched to electronic filing using MacroView Case and Matter gaining file access from everywhere.

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Powerful Document Automation

Leading Australian Financial Services operator achieves significant process improvements.

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Intuitive Records Management

Leading Australian NPO succeeds with document management system solution based on Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online.

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SharePoint as a Legal DMS – MacroView makes it possible

MacroView DMF enabled the successful replacement of OpenText DM6 at this 1,000 seat UK law firm.

MacroView DMF delivered the functionality to bridge the gap between SharePoint and what is required in a legal environment.”

Enterprise Content Management with MacroView

Poyner Spruill implemented MacroView DMF across their 3 locations to replace a previous Hummingbird DM solution. SharePoint was already used on the intranet, extranet and public presence websites – MacroView DMF completed the picture.

Logo Employers Council formerly SEC

MacroView DMF – Key to Successful DM on SharePoint

User reaction to the introduction of SharePoint for managing documents and emails was very negative until MSEC deployed MacroView DMF.

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Client-Centric DM solution for a large Accounting firm

Leading international accounting firm Mazars implemented MacroView DMF for 600+ staff in 10 locations across the Netherlands. CIO Frank Keessen explains the critical success factors for the solution.

Getting to Success with SharePoint Document Management

Describes how MacroView DMF enabled the replacement of a previous Documentum solution for managing documents and emails related to policy administration and claims processing at AEGIS Insurance.

Upgrades MS Office and Embrace Bespoke Template System

MacroView designed and developed a state-of-the-art custom template solution for this leading international law firm that has helped the firm cut costs, increase lawyer productivity, and polish its worldwide brand.