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  • Install-And-Go Solution
  • Smart Automatic Email Filing
  • Microsoft Teams Connectivity
  • Extends to OneDrive
  • Hubsite Navigation
  • Dark Mode & Touch Screen
  • Drop Zone Support  …

Familiar, Intuitive Experience

MacroView Case & Matter is based on MacroView DMF® and so provides a great user experience for managing the documents and emails for your cases / matters / projects:

  • Lets you work in familiar applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Reader / Acrobat and Windows itself.  You do not need to jump out to the web browser – instead you can make Outlook your DM desktop.
  • The MacroView tree-view display makes working with a SharePoint document store as familiar as working with a folder tree in a Windows file share or Outlook.
  • You can drag and drop to save emails and attachments, to upload files from a Windows folder or to move / copy documents / emails from one area to another.
  • Formatted previews of documents and emails.
  • Windows-style right-click menus – familiar and convenient means of opening documents, sending document as attachments or links,  renaming, downloading, deleting and other DM tasks.

Advanced DM Functionality

MacroView Case and Matter extends and enhances the native DM capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint to provide the advanced DM functionality that users expect :

  • Excellent Metadata support, including support for centrally managed term sets and extensive automatic metadata capture. [See MacroView DMF]
  • Unique Document Numbering that works like a traditional DM system.
  • The Version Control options that experienced DM users expect as they close a new document or a document that they have edited in Word and Excel. [See Advanced Office Integration]
  • Easy for non-administrator users to adjust permissions to individual documents and / or to the storage areas for matters / cases/ projects. [See Enhanced Document Security]
  • Audit and Compliance features, including easy access to the audit trail for a document and convenient means to declare a document as a record or to apply / remove legal holds [click here for details.]
  • For more features and details click here

Powerful, Flexible Search

MacroView Case and Matter provides convenient and intuitive access to the power of the SharePoint search engine. [More details]

Additional Search panels can readily be added to reflect any special requirements. [See Extending your Case and Matter solution]. MacroView Case and Matter ships with Search Panels that let you find the documents and / or emails you need, either across the whole document store or in the area corresponding to a case / matter / project:

  • Matter Documents – search based on content and / or metadata such as Unique Document ID, Document Type, Document Author, etc. Can be re-labelled Case Documents or Project Documents.
  • Keyword Search – search based on words / phrases contained in the document and / or metadata such as My Document.
  • Email Search – search for emails based on content and / or automatically recorded email attributes such as To, From, Received Time, Subject , etc.

Convenient Document Generation

Right-click in the tree-view display on the area for a matter / case / project and MacroView Case and Matter will display a menu of types of document that you can generate. The generated document will automatically be stored and profiled (i.e. metadata will be captured for it) in the selected area.

MacroView Case and Matter ships with sample templates that show best-practice techniques for generating documents so required details are efficiently retrieved from CRM / Practice Management / Other LOB systems and so that subsequent modifications to the generated documents are easy and safe.

You can also link to your existing templates.

See Services and Office Template Solutions for more details of how MacroView can assist in this regard.

Create New Document custom right-click menu

Facilitates Collaboration

With MacroView Case and Matter your document store can extend beyond your on-premises SharePoint environment to include your Office 365 tenancy.  You can drag and drop to move and copy documents and emails between your main on-premises store and areas in Office 365 SharePoint Online.

This provides a convenient and secure way to collaborate on documents with users outside your organization – e.g. your customers and service partners.

MacroView Case and Matter also provides good support for Microsoft Matter Center for Office 365. The MacroView tree-view displays SharePoint Matter Center sites, libraries and folders. You can drag and drop to save one or multiple emails to a Matter Center. If the Matter Center has the default configuration all metadata – both email and matter related – will be recorded automatically, with no prompting of the user.

Cases / Matters / Projects

As well as enabling the management of documents and emails for your cases / matters / projects, MacroView Case and Matter provides a simple-to-use but quite effective means for managing the cases / matters / projects themselves.

Users can right-click to create new cases / matters / project – MacroView Case and Matter will assign the next available ID and prompt for metadata that will automatically be recorded for all documents and emails are saved to the new case / matter / project.  You can also use this metadata to help you find a case / matter / project that you want to work with.

Users can also right-click and choose Archive Matter – the status of the matter (or case or project) will be updated and its documents and email  will be declared as records.

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Outlook SharePoint Integration
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Works Securely With

  • Microsoft Office 365, 2019, 2016, 2013 & 2010.
  • SharePoint Online / Office 365
  • Adobe Acrobat / Reader 10, 11 & DC.
  • SharePoint Server 2019, 2016 & 2013.
  • Microsoft Matter Center
  • MacroView Mail App
  • Cloud including Azure and Hybrid.
  • Office 365 including Government Dedicated & ITAR.
  • Citrix, Remote Desktop (Terminal) Services.
  • Group Policy MSI deployment – ADM template is supplied.

Install-And-Go Solution

Staff working in legal departments, in project management areas or handling the administration of cases are not SharePoint experts. They want a solution, not a box of components that need to be assembled with assistance from IT specialists.  That’s why Case and Matter is designed so that immediately after installation you can start using the solution to manage your documents and emails.

Installation and provisioning does not require any technical specialist involvement (other than the administrator of the SharePoint server environment). This provisioning includes the creation of a design for the SharePoint DM store that has been proven to be effective in other similar environments.

Extending Your Solution

MacroView Case and Matter is designed to be functional out-of-the-box, but you can extend your Case and Matter solution in a range of ways: