MacroView PEF is an optional module that is available for MacroView Message, MacroView DMF and solutions based on MacroView DMF. Compared to Personal email filing rules, MacroView PEF significantly extends the ways in which Outlook emails can be save automatically to SharePoint.

MacroView PEF uses special filing tags in the Subject of an email to automate the saving of that email to the SharePoint location associated with that tag.


Drag files here… Drop Zone displays at top of the MacroView pane when MacroView Predictive Email Filing is active.


An email whose Subject contains a valid PEF filing tag can be saved automatically to the SharePoint location, either automatically as the emails are received or sent, or as you drag and drop them into a special Drop Zone that is displayed at the top of the MacroView pane. MacroView PEF can be configured so that you are prompted to confirm the save location, and maybe choose a different location.

If you drop an email to the Drop Zone and the subject of the email does not contain a PEF filing tag, MacroView PEF can suggest locations in SharePoint where you might want to save the email. These suggestions are based on where previous emails from the same sender or to the same first recipient have previously been saved, either by you or another user.

MacroView PEF can automatically insert a filing tag corresponding to a save location if the Subject does not already contain a filing tag.

Once a filing tag is inserted into the Subject, subsequent emails in the same conversation can be saved automatically to the same SharePoint location. This has obvious benefits in increased accuracy and completeness of email filing, while at the same time minimizing the user effort required for that filing.

Emails saved automatically by MacroView PEF will be marked with a yellow Saved to SharePoint category – i.e. the same as emails saved manually, or automatically by Personal email filing rules.

As with Personal email filing rules, MacroView PEF will not automatically save an email if that save would cause MacroView to prompt the user for metadata. The blue Not Auto Filed category is set instead.

MacroView PEF requires a database, with tables to store the SharePoint locations associated with each PEF filing tag. In an on-premises SharePoint implementation these tables are added to the SharePoint content database. The central database provides the advantage that the filing actions by MacroView PEF are the same for all users, but it means that PEF is not supported for implementations where an on-premises SharePoint server is NOT available – e.g. in MacroView Message 365 and MacroView 365 implementations.

This video in the MacroView channel on YouTube shows MacroView PEF in operation:

For More Information

MacroView supports three other ways to automatically save Outlook emails to SharePoint.  For a summary see this MacroView blog post.

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