When you add a SharePoint document library, document set or folder as a Favorite, MacroView automatically creates a new Outlook folder that corresponds to the new favorite location. That new Outlook folder appears in the Mail Folders pane under a <SharePoint> heading folder. 

You can refer to these Outlook folders in Outlook rules. These rules can be defined for both received and sent emails.

The example screen shot below shows an Outlook folder called Matters – 1071-Hire Risk Analyst which corresponds to a favorite document set in Office 365 SharePoint Online.

It also shows an Outlook rule which saves emails received from John Sample to that folder, which actually saves the emails to the favorite document set.

If  email is from , save it to Matters – 1071-Hire Risk Analyst  folder

MacroView Favorite folder under <SharePoint> heading folder in Mail Folders pane, with Outlook rule to auto-save emails received from John Sample to this folder.


Obviously this approach cannot save to every location in SharePoint – it can automate saving to only those locations that have been added as MacroView Favorites.

A new rule will be required for every different location you wish to save to.

These Outlook rules are personal – i.e. different for each user.

Each Outlook rule can specify a category marker that is to be applied to the saved email – in the example rule above the Saved to SharePoint category is set.

The Outlook rule could cause the email to be deleted (i.e. moved to your Deleted Items folder).

For More Information

MacroView supports three other ways to automatically save Outlook emails to SharePoint.  For a summary see this MacroView blog post.

Alternatively reach out to with your email and document solution requirements.