Advanced Version Control

MacroView DMF® automatically checks out documents as they are opened from SharePoint into Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

MacroView AOI, an optional module available for MacroView DMF, provides the version control options that legal users expect, based on their prior experience with a traditional DM system:

  • Save as new version (major or minor)
  • Save as new document
  • Overwrite existing version (including majors in Majors Only libraries).

MacroView AOI eliminates the risk of users inadvertently discarding all the changes that they have made to a document since they checked it out, which is what happens when they respond Yes to the ‘Do you want to discard the checkout?’ prompt that is displayed by the native integration of Office and SharePoint.

MacroView AOI works in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

MacroView AOI is included in MacroView Case & Matter.

MacroView AOI displays familiar version control options as you close a document that you have opened and checked out from a SharePoint document library. Screen shots shows the dialog displayed by MacroView AOI when working with a library that has Major and Minor (Draft) Versions configured.