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Adobe PDF SharePoint Integration

Create, Save & Search Easily

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Enhance Adobe SharePoint Connectivity

Save PDF files to any location in SharePoint / Office 365

  • Open and Save directly via Adobe file menu integration.
  • Adobe Acrobat DC, Reader DC & earlier versions supported.
  • Drag & drop multiple PDF files and set metadata simultaneously.
  • Automatically sets the Adobe ‘Original Producer’ metadata column.
  • Drag and drop PDF email attachments to libraries, folders & document sets.
  • Copy / move files between SharePoint locations including OneDrive for Business.
  • Upload multiple PDF files directly from the file system.
  • Adobe Acrobat password protected files supported.
  • Extend further with the MacroView PDF pack such as Send As PDF and Copy As PDF
Adobe SharePoint Integration

Increase business productivity of SharePoint, Adobe Acrobat and PDF Management with MacroView

Adobe PDF SharePoint Search

Access SharePoint Search from Acrobat

Find PDF documents quickly via a modern interface

  • Search for PDF and other files directly from Adobe Acrobat & Reader.
  • Advanced search mode allows booth ‘Google’ style searching and/or metadata.
  • Quick search on keywords in specific locations such as libraries, folder and doc sets – New
  • Configure the Search panels to organizational or teams requirements.
  • Add managed metadata taxonomy drop downs to Search panels – New.
  • Locate files based on metadata including the Adobe Original Producer label.
  • Uploaded image PDF files via Office Lens can be found based on OCR’d content.
  • Download or share multiple PDF files for compliance requirements.