Enhancing Document Security even further with Office 365

GDPR Compliance when Managing Documents and Emails in Office 365
August 31, 2018
MacroView 2018 Highlights
December 11, 2018

Block access based on geographic region, device type & domain connectivity

Increase data transfer security further with TLS 1.2

Many MacroView customers are now making extensive use of the Cloud services provided in Office 365. Our customers are often asking us how confident they can be in the security of this service and MacroView integrating with it. The move from on-premises to the Cloud certainly raises many questions about security. How secure are my documents in the Cloud? Will malicious users intercept the files when opening or saving them? How will I know that only authorized users will have access to the data?


In the recent MacroView DMF 8.5 release, we introduced support for TLS 1.2 security. This will shortly become the default transport layer security in Office 365, providing industrial-strength encryption for your files in transit. Once Microsoft enables this feature at the end of October, all connections from MacroView DMF 8.5 to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business will be secured using TLS 1.2.


MacroView DMF 8.5 also introduces support for Modern Authentication. Modern Authentication enables Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) based sign-in to Office client apps across various platforms. In business terms, the benefit of this includes the ability to block access to files based on geographic location, device type and whether the device is considered to be ‘trusted’. In addition, it adds the ability to introduce multi-factor authentication, smart card authentication and certificate-based authentication to the MacroView DMF client when you have configured these options in Office 365 and your Azure Active Directory.  It also enables support from day one for the recently announced password-less sign in feature of Azure Active Directory.

Multi-factor, smart card & certificate authentication compatible

Here at MacroView, we take security very seriously. We build our solutions using the latest Microsoft development tools. This allows us to take advantage of all of the latest security features provided by Microsoft in Office 365. These changes allow you to securely work with your documents stored in the Office 365 Cloud, and to collaborate securely with internal and external users, ensuring peace of mind for your organization.


For more information about how MacroView can help you collaborate securely and effectively in Office 365, contact our Solutions Team today.