Unlock the power of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Office 365 with MacroView’s award winning solutions for generating and managing documents and emails

Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint integration

Managing Documents & Emails

Document Management SharePoint Teams Cloud Outlook

Enhance and extend the document management capabilities of SharePoint DMS whilst working in familiar applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, File Explorer & Adobe Reader / Acrobat.

Email Management

Dramatically improve the integration between Outlook, Teams & SharePoint to enable powerful email management & records management solutions which empower knowledge workers.

Inbox to SharePoint & Team

SharePoint Migration Tools

SharePoint Outlook Folders migration tools

Migrate Exchange public folders, Outlook private folders and general files to SharePoint or Microsoft Teams with MacroView tools.

Case & Matter

Packages MacroView DMF with modules and other extensions to create the ideal Document and Email Management solution where activity is arranged into Cases, Matters or Projects.

SharePoint Case, Matter & Project Management

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News & Blogs

Ways to Save Emails to SharePoint

Want to Save Outlook Emails To SharePoint or Teams?

See how user requirements related to saving Outlook emails to SharePoint (and Teams and OneDrive for Business) are satisfied by add-on software available from MacroView.  Read more …

Generating Documents & Emails in SharePoint & Teams

Since 2003 MacroView has dramatically improved the user experience for managing documents and emails in SharePoint. Now MacroView is delivering similar improvements for SharePoint and Teams users who are looking to generate new documents and emails. For more click here.

Automatic Filing of Emails to SharePoint

This new MacroView blog post describes four ways MacroView supports the automatic filing of Outlook emails to SharePoint, including our exciting new Corporate Email Filing module, which minimizes effort for both business users and Administrators.

Replacing Public Folders with Office 365 SharePoint Online

Combining MacroView with Office 365 / SharePoint Online enables solutions that have 12 advantages when used to replace existing Public Folders. These include the use of Office 365 Labels to automatically protect sensitive emails as records.
See the blog post.

Inbox to SharePoint & Team

Save Outlook Emails to Microsoft Teams or SharePoint from any device

Upload emails from MacOS, Windows, OWA, IOS iPhone and iPad via Outlook. Store organizational emails in SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams and One Drive for Business easily from your choice of technology platform. For details please click here.

Provision a Great Design for DM in SharePoint

The MacroView Provisioning Framework enables a range of solutions for implementing a great design for managing documents and emails in SharePoint, including convenient, intuitive right-click options.
See this blog post for details.