Ways to save an email from Outlook to SharePoint

Ways to save an email from Outlook to SharePoint

Saving emails from Outlook to SharePoint includes drag & drop, right click, via ribbon menu, automated rules, from a mobile device and email enabled libraries. Most of these can be performed with SharePoint on-premises or Office 365 online or Hybrid.

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Drag and Drop

By far the most popular method for saving single or multiple emails is to drag and drop them into SharePoint, Office 365 or OneDrive for Business. You can complete this process from either your Outlook folders, Exchange public folders or pst files. The MacroView client will automatically extract email and document properties, set a save flag including its location and create a unique email filename which prevent duplicates on subsequent save events.

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Right Click Save 

Another popular approach especially with multiple items is to right click on the highlighted emails and upload them into SharePoint asynchronously in the background. For example you can have multiple save processes running simultaneously.
As with all other MacroView save processes you can easily navigate the entire SharePoint Farm by using our US patented fast performing architecture. In addition this is supplemented with personal and organizational favorites (subscriptions) as well as recent save locations.
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Ribbon menu save

The third approach is to use the ribbon menu from within individual emails. With this option you have the advantage of saving attachments separately as well. If required you can also perform a drag and drop of any attachments into the navigation tree view pane.
In addition the MacroView DMF client includes Open and Save as to SharePoint buttons on the ribbon menu in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe as well as Outlook.
With MacroView Message this functionality is available in Outlook only.

Automated filing 

When sending an email you have a number of save options. The first is to perform a send and save from the ribbon menu option which will prompt you with a save path. Should you wish to be prompted to save on every send action then you would enable save on send.
To further aid email managment the Macroview client packages have options to enable incoming and / or outgoing filing rules so that message are automatically saved to predefined locations in your SharePoint repositories.

Mobile device save

There are times when you would like to file project or matter related emails while out of the office. The MacroView client allows users to save emails directly to their favorite locations. A favorite location could be either document library, folder or document set. These favorites are visible as mapi folders on the mobile device’s email client.
Once an email has been copied to the favorites folder it will then be available for upload on your workstation. When you are back in the office simply select the Upload Offline Emails button in Outlook to complete the process.
Note: A mobile app is not required and this approach can be used on virtually all mobile phone and tablet devices with an email client.

Email Enabled Libraries

Saving emails can be further enhanced by SMTP enabling your SharePoint document libraries. The MacroView Email Handler overcomes the SharePoint limitation of EML by saving the emails as MSG files so that the attachments are not detached and sometimes lost. Again email attributes are extracted and populated into SharePoint so that they can be found easily.
As with any MacroView email save the unique meaningful file naming convention is used which prevents duplicates. Outlook email naming can be customized further if required and enforced via the MacroView group policy template which includes over 180 unique settings.