Enhanced SharePoint Document Security

Extend SharePoint permissions even further with MacroView’s Enhanced Document Security for files, folders and document sets.

SharePoint Document Folder Security

Enhanced Document Security

MacroView EDS, an optional module available for MacroView DMF®, enables even Contribute level users to specify access permissions to sensitive or private documents – much like a traditional DM system:

  • Click to make the document My Eyes Only.
  • Easily specify access permissions for selected other users and groups.
  • Easily revert to default permissions.
  • Also works for document sets and folders.

Importantly, MacroView EDS complies with the SharePoint permissions model – permissions applied by MacroView EDS apply as normal when documents, document sets or folders are accessed via Microsoft Office or the SharePoint web-browser UI.

MacroView EDS is included in MacroView Case & Matter.

Tip: Enable SharePoint auditing to view who has accessed the document via the right click MacroView DMF menu.