Enhanced Document Security

MacroView EDS, an optional module available for MacroView DMF®, enables even Contribute level users to specify access permissions to sensitive or private documents – much like a traditional DM system:

  • Click to make the document My Eyes Only.
  • Easily specify access permissions for selected other users and groups.
  • Easily revert to default permissions.
  • Also works for document sets and folders.

Importantly, MacroView EDS complies with the SharePoint permissions model – permissions applied by MacroView EDS apply as normal when documents, document sets or folders are accessed via Microsoft Office or the SharePoint web-browser UI.

MacroView EDS is included in MacroView Case & Matter.

When MacroView Enhanced Document Security (EDS)  is installed, a Contribute user can easily make a document My Eyes Only and assign access permission to selected other users and groups of user.