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Easily manage documents and emails in SharePoint by fully integrating with Outlook, Office, Adobe and File Explorer.

Microsoft Office 365
MacroView DMF running in Outlook


By providing a great user experience, MacroView has really helped us to take advantage of the document management capabilities of SharePoint.
Charlie Price, Excelerate Energy

Hybrid DM solutions

Cloud Friendly

MacroView DMF® is available in two configurations, both of which enable you to create a Document Management System (DMS) in the Office 365 Cloud:

  • MacroView DMF supports hybrid solutions for managing documents and emails.  Your document store can extend over one or multiple on-premises SharePoint web applications and also an Office 365 tenancy. MacroView DMF (Hybrid) uses a patented custom web service to provide full functionality and unrivalled volume handling capability.
  • MacroView DMF 365 is the cost effective option if you want a ‘cloud-only’ document store.  MacroView Message 365 is a client-side only deployment and enables excellent document management solutions using Office 365 SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business
Cloud Solutions for DM

      Excellent User Experience

  • Intuitive tree-view display
    – makes working with O365 and SharePoint as familiar as working with folder trees in Windows file shares or Microsoft Outlook.
  • Drag and drop in Outlook to save emails and attachments. [Watch Video]
  • Drag and drop to upload files from Windows folder.
  • Windows-style right-click menus – familiar to Windows users
  • Search for documents and emails by metadata and content while you work in Outlook, Word and other familiar applications.
  • Formatted previews of documents and emails.
  • Rapid access to favourite and recently used areas
  • Supports a wide range of national languages – including double byte languages.
  • Consistent experience across Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Reader / Acrobat and Windows.
MacroView DMF Matter search panel in Microsoft Word
Functionality and Extensible

      Comprehensive Functionality

      • Excellent support for browsing and navigation.
      • Full support for Views as defined in SharePoint.
      • Open, download, rename, delete, move, copy, etc.
      • Background bulk-saving of emails.
      • Save and upload documents and emails with support for all types of metadata columns and great automatic metadata capture.
      • Check-out / check-in, numbering, versioning, Version History.
      • Declare as Record, Add / Remove Legal Holds.
      • Audit History for a selected document.
      • Take Offline / Connect to One Drive.
      • Open and Save / resave PDFs in SharePoint from Adobe Reader, Acrobat.
      • Optional modules available which enable SharePoint-based solutions that have all the functionality of a traditional DM system.

      Customize to Your Requirements

      • Changes made to the underlying SharePoint design and Views reflected accurately in MacroView DMF user interface.
      • Define your own MacroView Search panels – tailored to the way your teams and business units work and use metadata.
      • Add custom items to the right-click menus – e.g. Workflow, Create Project, Create Extranet, New Document, etc
      • Customize the MacroView Profiling / metadata capture dialog – support custom field types, automatic metadata, etc.
      • Rebranding and custom wording of menus, messages, etc.
      • See Customizing MacroView DMF.

      Large Volume Handling

      • Proven ability to cope with large SharePoint document stores.
      • Patented custom web service of MacroView DMF Hybrid enables server-side caching for efficient browsing and navigation.
      • See this Case Study that describes how MacroView DMF enabled the creation of a Document Management System (DMS) for a 1,000 seat law firm, and this MacroView blog post that describes the migration of 3 million existing documents.

      Ease of Administration

  • Enter license details once centrally – individual users do not need to enter license details.
  • No need to register individual site collections – simply register the web application(s) or 365 tenancies and MacroView DMF displays the full tree structure – security trimmed to each user.
  • Smart Installer streamlines installation of client-side components.
  • Extensive client-side settings – which can all be rolled out using Group Policy. See Services.
  • Does not change how documents are stored in SharePoint – enables use of other SharePoint add-ons – e.g. workflow.