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SharePoint Document Generation directly from Word, PowerPoint and Outlook results in faster response times, compliance with branding styles and ease of template management

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MacroView ClauseBank® is so simple to use and easy to maintain, but it has really improved our productivity and also the quality of our document preparation.

Convenient and Intuitive

  • Runs where you want to work –  in Word, Outlook or PowerPoint
  • Appears in Insert and Home ribbons
  • Drag and drop to select and de-select clauses
  • Supports multiple languages, including double-byte languages such as Chinese

Find the Right Content to Re-Use

  • Click Insert>Clause to see a menu of available content items arranged by category or in a tree structure that reflects your organization
  • Formatted previews of available content items
  • Filter content items by name, or search for content items by the text that they contain
  • Descriptions provide guidance as to intended usage of content items

Compliance with Style Standards

  • Styles preserved as selected content items are retrieved and inserted into your document, email or presentation
  • Handles complex multi-level paragraph numbering
  • Minimises need for skills in Word / PowerPoint in order to prepare content that complies with your organization’s style standards

Empowers Users to Add New Content

  • Simply select content in Word document and click New Clause – user is prompted for required details, which can be as little as a name for the proposed new content item.
  • Workflow can be used so that proposed new clauses are not generally available until they are approved by a Content Administrator or Knowledge Manager.
  • Making it easy for end-users to add new content helps ensure that the central content bank stays relevant as needs change.

 Ensures Use of Up-to-date Content

      • Content items can have an Update Frequency and Content Expert specified for them e.g. Annual, Quarterly, etc.
      • Content items will expire if they have not been reviewed during their Update Frequency interval.
      • Users cannot retrieve expired items
      • Content Experts are automatically notified of their expiring content items

Enables Better Template Management

  • Content that is common to multiple templates and precedents and be stored as a content item in ClauseBank, and retrieved as the template or precedent is about to be used.
  • Uses ClauseLinks and Expand Clause Links.
  • Eliminates the need to locate and maintain multiple instances of the common content across all templates / precedents
  • MacroView ClauseBank is an excellent component of automated document assembly solutions – e.g. based on MacroView Precedent

 Easy to Deploy

  • Content items are stored in a SharePoint site.
  • Can be implemented on any level of SharePoint – Office 365 SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Foundation and on-premises SharePoint Server.
  • Enter license details once centrally – individual users do not need to enter license details.
  • ClauseBank sites automatically detected and displayed
  • Client-side settings can all be rolled out using Group Policy

Adjacent screen shot shows a great way to get started with MacroView ClauseBank – content items stored in a tree of folders in a Office 365 SharePoint Online document library.