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for Document Drafting and Automation

MacroView Document Drafting and Automation

Datasheet describing MacroView products and solutions in the area of smart document drafting and automated document assembly. (4 pages)

MacroView ClauseBank Datasheet

Overview of features of MacroViewClauseBank. (4 pages)

Blog: Faster, Safer Drafting of Documents and Emails

Blog post describes how MacroView ClauseBank enables faster, safer drafting of documents, emails and presentations.  It also discusses the benefits of MacroView ClauseBank from the perspective of content administrators and IT departments. (5 pages)

Blog: Enabling ECM Solutions with SharePoint

Blog post describing a number of ways in which MacroView software has facilitated the creation of effective Enterprise Content Management solutions in organizations. These include the use of MacroView ClauseBank to manage a central bank of re-usable document content in a way that is popular with both end-users and content administrators. (5 pages)

Blog: What Makes Document Solutions Get Adopted By Their Users

Blog post provides 7 real-life examples of how MacroView solutions has facilitated user adoption. The examples include a solution that allows a large law firm to retain central control while enabling flexibility in local offices and a solution for streamlining document preparation in a local government authority. (6 pages)

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Case Studies
Case Study – Baker McKenzie Office Templates Solution

Originally published in Legal Technology News magazine, this article describes a custom Microsoft Office templates solution developed by MacroView and deployed globally by leading international law firm Baker McKenzie. The solution has enabled the firm cut costs, increase lawyer productivity, and polish its worldwide brand.