The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) is the largest Stock Exchange in the Southern Hemisphere and 16th largest in the world.  By using a document automation solution based on MacroView ClauseBank and custom .NET templates, ASX has achieved a significant reduction in the time taken to prepare documents related to listings on the Exchange.  The solution helps to ensure that the resulting documents comply with the ASX corporate branding and style guidelines and also fosters the active involvement of staff in maintaining up-to-date content for future documents.


The core design principles adopted to drive the project included:

  • Principle 1: Provide a Great User experience
    It had to be intuitive, make users work faster and be tailored to the way they work.
  • Principle 2: Make the creation process iterative
    It is impossible to get things right the first time. We needed to allow ourselves to make mistakes and to seek collaborative feedback from stakeholders.
  • Principle 3: Give it a life of its own
    The system needed to be decentralised and work by itself. The system should be focused around subject matter experts that have ownership over the content, but everyone should be involved in continually updating the knowledge.

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