MacroView 2019 Highlights
December 18, 2019
Saving Outlook Emails in Microsoft Teams
April 30, 2020

Google is the go-to technology when you are searching for information on the web, but seeing a million results ranked by popularity is not useful in a corporate environment where you want to find a specific document to edit or attach to an email.

What business users really want is to be able to search SharePoint for documents and emails:

  • without leaving the application where they are working (e.g. Word, Outlook, Adobe Reader, etc).
  • using a combination of content and metadata
  • specifying search criteria by picking valid values of metadata attributes, rather than have to key enter those values
  • seeing formatted previews of search results
  • easily refining long lists of search results to drill down to the document or email they actually want
  • saving searches so that they can conveniently be run again in the future
  • exporting search results to Excel for further analysis

The Search feature of MacroView satisfies these requirements and more. For business users wanting to find a specific document or email in SharePoint (Online or on-premises), Teams or OneDrive for Business, MacroView Search is much better than using Google!

Check out this video in the MacroView Channel in YouTube so see MacroView Search in action.