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May 9, 2018
Managing Project Emails and Documents
Replacing Notes for Managing Documents and Emails for Projects
July 20, 2018

Being able to save emails to SharePoint by dragging and dropping to an area displayed in the MacroView tree-view is great, but it’s even better if emails can be saved automatically to the correct location in SharePoint.

MacroView Predictive Email Filing (PEF) is an optional module available for MacroView DMF, MacroView Message and MacroView Case and Matter which performs that automatic filing by using luggage tags that are embedded in the subject of Outlook emails. 

MacroView PEF can automatically save both incoming (i.e. Received) and outgoing (i.e. Sent) emails.  The save locations can be in on-premises SharePoint or in SharePoint Online (if on-premises SharePoint is also available).

Ideally the MacroView luggage tags are both compact and meaningful (such as Project number, Client code, Policy number, etc). You can right-click on a document library, document set or folder in the MacroView tree-view display and create a new email that already has the relevant luggage tag embedded in its Subject.

Alternatively, luggage tags can be assigned sequentially by MacroView PEF.  

For more information see the video below.