Unlock the power of Microsoft Office, SharePoint and Office 365 with MacroView’s award winning solutions for generating and managing documents and emails

Managing Documents & Emails

Enhance and extend the document management capabilities of SharePoint DMS whilst working in familiar applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, File Explorer & Adobe Reader / Acrobat. >>>

Email Management

Dramatically improve the integration between Outlook and SharePoint to enable powerful email management & records management solutions which empower knowledge workers.  >>>

Document Assembly & Automation

Linking SharePoint with Office 365 to streamline your email, document and slide generation, from  re-using standard content through to automation of complex documents.  >>>

Case & Matter

Packages MacroView DMF with modules and other extensions to create the ideal Document and Email Management solution where activity is arranged into Cases, Matters or Projects. >>>

SharePoint Case, Matter & Project Management

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Save Outlook Emails to SharePoint

So You Want To Save Outlook Emails To SharePoint Too?

Interested in using Microsoft SharePoint to store, find and share your Microsoft Outlook messages? Finding that the out-of-the-box integration of Outlook and SharePoint is awkward to use? MacroView Message might well be the answer.  Click to read more …

Manage brand-compliant email signatures for Outlook & Office 365

Managing email signatures and related campaigns has always been a challenge for marketing departments, particularly for organisations with multiple locations, brands and languages in the mix. For details please click here.

Automatic Filing of Emails to SharePoint

Being able to save emails to SharePoint by dragging and dropping is great, but its even better if emails are saved automatically to the correct locations in SharePoint.
That’s where MacroView Predictive Email Filing (PEF) can assist.

SharePoint for Compliance AND Collaboration

By making it easy to save document and email content into SharePoint, MacroView helps you to comply in an increasingly complex regulatory environment. We can also provide customizations that automate some of these compliance tasks.
See the blog post.

MacroView 2018 Highlights

During 2018 we have made excellent progress on extending the functionality and enhancing the user experience provided by MacroView products and solutions.
For details see this blog post.

Provision a Great Design for DM in SharePoint

The MacroView Provisioning Framework enables a range of solutions for implementing a great design for managing documents and emails in SharePoint, including convenient, intuitive right-click options.
See this blog post for details.